Do you need a loan, for your business, or to quickly sort out some urgent needs. Business Nests Investment got you covered.
1. Business Loans

This product provides a financial bridge to business owners to finance working capital, unpaid invoices of suppliers (invoice discounting), asset financing, LPO financing, import duty and custom duty payment.
T & Cs apply.

2. Salary Advance

This product provides financing for individuals who are gainfully employed to meet their personal finance needs / requirements, including other miscellaneous needs.
It is a 30 days revolving credit cycle.

3. Salary Loan

Salary Loan product is a loan usually given to an employee.
As the name implies, it is usually a part of the wages of an employee paid over a spread period of months.

The duration of the loan has a minimum tenure of 3 months and a maximum tenure between 6-12 months.
The loan is also referred to as short term loan with competitive interest rate.

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